Cabbage Hill Sunset

You can see forever as truck lights streak across the road.

This was shot on a clear evening from the westbound outlook on I-84.  Here you can see parts of Deadman Pass, The Wildhorse Casino, Pendleton, the eastern edge of the Cascades, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Hood.

This stretch of road tests a truckers skill. Throughout the year you can regularly find the shell of a burnt up semi that overheated on the way down or a trucker that’s stuck in the road putting on chains for extra traction going up. But for the experienced driver, this is a beautiful and highly enjoyable stretch of highway to drive.

Frozen Lakes

Icy waters can be mesmerizing. The mystery of what lies beneath the frozen surface intrigues. The new surface to explore beckons us to test its strength. The patterns created by its formation and movement are breathtakingly beautiful.

This is a shot of frozen Lake Michigan from 2014, during a colder than average winter. I waited on the end of a pier in St Joseph, Michigan for the sun to set and light up some of the jagged ice below. It was one of those things that photos just can’t do justice, but I still got a shot!


Pacific Coast Sunset #1

This seems like a good place to start. I’ve been interested in photography my whole life but never really pursued it in a serious way until 2010. While attending college for graphic design I took a photography class for a required liberal arts elective. After one semester in the darkroom, I was hooked. I switched majors and finished out the photography program. Over the following years I expanded my knowledge and abilities. I’ve shot nearly every type of subject matter at one point or another, but I always find myself most enthralled by nature. The majority of what I photograph nowadays is nature related. Like this image of Bald Point, looking out toward Submarine Rock and Tillamook Rock.  Shot in beautiful Ecola State Park, Oregon.