Adobe DB 1

I decided to give Adobe Sketch a try and after an initial spin I’m pretty pleased. This db was created on my little old iPhone 6s. The app was semi-ok to use on such a small screen but I prefer a lil more control. So next time I’ll use Adobe Illustrator to make DBs. πŸ˜„ Back to the fun stuff!

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument – The Painted Hills Unit

An amazing location on a crystal clear afternoon…I love Oregon!Β πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

Night Reflections

This is about beautiful reflections on various bodies of water at night. These images are all long exposure shots of moving water. That “moving” part is key because without the waters movement these images would be flat and exact reflections. I hope you find these images as amazing as I do.

Lake Michigan Glitch

Glitches are amazingly beautiful. They happen when code is damaged, misinterpreted, or rearranged in a specific way. There are apps for your phone that can glitch images. But the best way to glitch an image is to actually play with its code in a program. I use notepad++ and audacity sound editor for glitching my images. If you would like to know more about glitching images I recommend starting here.

This shot was captured on the sparkling shore of Lake Michigan in Gary, Indiana. The sun was setting and Chicago was silhouetted on the horizon. The lake was choppy from a warm northerly wind and it was beautiful.