Color Abuse
Jason W L

Hi, and welcome to my site.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been interested in art and photography. In elementary school I took art very seriously and that continued until middle school when sex and drugs took over my thought processes. My interest in photography was sparked again when looking for a profession in the Navy, but it quickly died out after my time there was up and it wasn’t rekindled again until 2009 when I decided to go back to school for graphic design. Photography 101 was my liberal arts elective the first semester, and once I’d developed film and made prints, I’d fallen in love with the process. I needed to know more about the specifics of it all so the following semester I switched my major to photography and continued until I had taken all of the photography courses offered. Since then I’ve happily shot many different subjects and tried a variety of techniques. Every subject matter has its challenges when it comes to lighting and composition, but this earth is what really motivates me as a photographer. Nature is amazing! The planet we live on is beautiful and it doesn’t need filters or Photoshop to be astonishingly gorgeous. BUT, that’s been done before and every scene is better as an experience than as an image. Untouched images are adequate but I much prefer the smooth dodging and burning contained in an Ansel Adams print or the modern edits of cutting edge artists. There’s more to be brought out of a scene than a well lit and composed image.  A camera is a tool and using that tool correctly is only a piece of achieving an image that’s worth a damn. Perception is everything and easily replicable. So, I like to experiment with composition, light, and post processing to achieve something new or to emphasize the point I’m trying to make with an image. As I progress through this artistic journey I find myself more and more motivated by the graphic nature of imagery in relation to other mediums. I’m currently working on a comic, a series of acrylic paintings,  nature stock photography, and getting back in to portraiture.

Thanks again for checking out my images. Take care!